Sunday, May 31, 2009

week 22 day 149 shot of the week

We were honored to get a draft advanced copy of The Running Waves a novel by authors T.M. Murphy and Seton Murphy, due to be released next year. Inspired we have been working on some different imagery that reflect the feel and emotion of the work. This I feel is the best effort to date. It uses one of the tricks from the previously mentioned bag, plus some older ones. It is also, interestingly to me, a much more complete image with the addition of the text. Something about it feels right. It was not really what I had been working on previously and not really what I had in mind.... but a stormy spring day and some driving spray can change your visions of what tomorrow might bring.

day 150 May 30

I think I have been a little photographically bored lately. Time to reach into the bag and try to create more tricks. While this is not my favorite photo from this day, it also is not very indicative of stuff I normally shoot. I post to help illustrate my newest trick from the photo bag-o-tricks. I wave been in love with my "new lens" for some time its a beaut - but I also have a bag of older lenses that I want to become re-familiarized with. This is the 35 f 1.4 with the color balance shifted in the camera to a heavy blue by balancing to around 2500K. Just another tool for the day I need to reach for something to set the mood.

day 149 May 29

We are in trouble. With all our close friends breeding and us not, I had formed a scheme to buy us some time. It had worked we have bought ourselves a couple years. We told these "breeders" as we call them, as they fabricated these little people, that we would be unable to baby sit. That is, until these children were old enough to dial 911, and dial 911 appropriately we would add. Good thing we did as one kid has already dialed the authorities inappropriately. This rule we told them, was for our protection. Should we fall or choke or have some other misfortune happen we wanted to be watched after by children with a good head on their shoulders and quick dialing fingers. As you can see... clever little children of dialing age are now lingering closer. It is only a matter of time we are handed a phone wielding child.

day 148 May 28

e had a good idea that we photograph phoenix in the band van. Then facebook them along to the happy couple on the vineyard. We have too many good ideas and do not get to all of them. This is e spying on the band van contents, before the walk on the bogs with our pup.

day 147 May 27

Despite my recent coffee shop impersonation, we do not know any celebrities...but the closest we come is that e was a former co-worker of Ryan Montbleau, who has become a very talented self made traveling musician. On this day we rescued the band van from the ferry terminal and saw him off to see his sweet sweety on the vineyard. If you have not heard of Ryan - check him out, he is the real deal, as they say.

day 146 May 26

PGK Services - five oh eight-four five seven-9526 all your lawn care needs, plus roadside refilling. Small towns; you should try not to run out of gas on the streets of your small towns.

day 145 May 25

If you have not tried the burritos you should head over to the burrito place and buy a print! Things have been good for me on this front, as I have recently sold two framed prints. I have also have some of my stuff from Coffee O published in the latest edition of Cape Healing Arts magazine.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

week 21 day 144 shot of the week

Photography has been in my life for a long time, but the past couple of days have been a little surreal. I met a White House photographer and his family (see previous post) and comfortably talked shop at a party for a couple of minutes. Lawrence, if you ever read this, I assure you, your coffee table book idea is safe with me.

Upon my return home, I learned that I sold a large framed print!
And today, while trying to purchase coffee, I was called a "local celebrity..."

Perhaps Guinness will contact me today and ask that I travel around world shooting shooting pints in pubs! Yes...I guess the last couple of days have gone to my head.

day 144 May 24

Last year at Jack's version of the bouncy contraption extravaganza the young man on the left uttered a phrase that has entered into the regular rotation of quotes here on Bogg Hill. The young man took a rather sudden backwards fall onto the bouncy-inflatable surface. From his expression, you could tell he was concerned about his well being. He quickly and audibly decided "I'm-----O------KAY," convincing himself as he spoke.

day 143 May 23

The brunch boat ride on the Potomac was pleasant. The evening walk around the D.C. mall was also enjoyable. Having a Presidential helicopter blow sand in your eyes as it touched down on the White House lawn was breath taking. The staff decided that a longer visit to see more of the sites was in store for the future. We'll also have to return because we failed in returning to have a pint up the hill at Thirsty Bernie. It takes more than one visit for a tradition.

day 142 May 22

We missed little Jack's birthday, but the benshotme staff (minus our mascot) did head on down to the greater D.C. area for the birthdays of Claire and Peggy. Only 57 years separate them, so for some reason that eludes me, we held separate events. A Potomac brunch cruise for one and a Dora the explora party for the other. You can imagine who got which party. Also, as you can see, e pointed out that Dora must be from Boston, because otherwise her name does not make sense.

day 141 May 21

Sleep, deep sleep. For a while, e was listening to a CD to fall to sleep by. Which means I was listening to a CD to fall to sleep. "Deeeeep sleeeeep..." in a monotone drone is the only part I remember.

day 140 May 20

If this economic slow down affects (or is it effects?) the number of walks or the quality of food I receive there will be hell to pay. First off, they should cut this damn photographer off of the staff, he is always up in my grill. YOU smile, dork.

day 139 May 19

The first games of Cape Cod Kick Ball's six-game season were played with great enthusiasm. As official photographer, I was a bit disappointed to have to leave early, but it was also the first day of geek softball.

day 138 May 18

How ridiculous! This week I met a White House photographer. A man who regularly photographs the President. I told him how I am, daily, photographing my dog. Completely absurd. At least, he checked out my dog pics and likes them... and I, in turn, like his work with the President.

day 137 May 17

These are the hands that created The Burrito Place logo and sign. These are the hands that deliver burrito to the tongue. Burrito speaks in silence.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

week 20 day 136 shot of the week

If you have not noticed the plugs for The Burrito Place, at 420 East Falmouth Highway, in um- the town I have started calling "easty", you have not been paying attention. If you have not been there to eat yet...what's going on with you...they have been open all day! The good news is that judging from the character and quality of the people and food they will be there in the center of the universe for a long time to come.

day 136 May 16

One of "the place's" founders relayed a story about being in front of the sign committee. Apparently a member of the committee does not think the store front is a great location for business and stated as much during the proceeding. Later, a committee member pointed out that the word "place" was not the same font or as bold as the font for the word "burrito." Thinking on his feet, the founder declared that they would need the bold lettering of the Burrito font for their "bad location". E and I discussed this later and decided it was not even a bad just has not had anything as wonderful as a burrito place or this sign until now.... welcome to the new center of the universe!

day 135 May 15

Before any rest and relaxation the sign had to be finished for the big opening. On the last day late in the eve the final touches were put on followed by the varnish coat.

day 134 May 14

As the sign developed- from being delivered with an orange base, to the white primer to the rolling grass, sun and blue sky it became evident that her work was going to very closely resemble the design she had sent for approval by email. Despite her fretting about the layout of the letters and color matching to the proof, I was confident that the sign would be perfect and a hit. It seems so fitting that she was producing this work the week she was freed to pursue her art business - Wisha studios.

day 133 May 13

After priming and carefully laying out all the elements, e surveys the scene before proceeding forward with the sign. Originally some of the founders wanted the name to be Homegrown Burritos and e's logo was designed around this name originally. Ultimately the name was picked as The Burrito Place, but the homegrown design stuck.

day 132 May 12

The lawn is filled with partially chewed bones, rope, a tug frisbee, sticks and other items that the dog moves about as she entertains herself. These items are enough of a road block for me... I guess the yard will not get mowed this year.

day 131 May 11

Our little buttercup's butt in the buttercups.

day 130 May 10

e started The Burrito Place signs this week. While chronicling this project might not be my best photography of the week, it will be a little time lapse, which has always fascinated me.

day 129 May 9

For those of you considering building a house (a lot will consider it) here is my recommendation for when you do. Have bathroom with a shower - no tub. Put in two shower heads, one at either end. So simple & such a great shower.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

week 19 day 124 shot of the week

"Hello. Yes sir. I can help bless the 02536 with millions of burritos and tacos.... is it ok if we start on the 15th? See you then at the burrito place! Oh by the way, Jeter drinks wine coolers"

day 128 May 8

Last week I posted about the passing of my grandmother, this week as suspected, my grandfather Percy Allsup also passed away. We have cried, we have laughed, we have wondered why and why not. Fingers have been wiggled in small counter clockwise circles to rejoice the absurd. Old photographs have been dusted off and love letters have been read after long being secured in a ribbon.

day 127 May 7

A couple years ago I went on a calorie counting, daily walk diet. I think I lost about 70 pounds, I say I think, as I do not really know my starting weight. I do know I was the smallest I had been in 20 years. I had bulked up a couple times trying to quit smoking and just was not worried about the weight while trying to get past smoking. It was surprisingly easy to lose the weight once I set my mind to it. It was even easier to let a bunch more of this same lost weight come back on over the last year as I stopped obsessing about the calories. I have tried to become less obsessive while still beginning watching the calories again lately and believe I am shedding several pounds again...while I am not as fit as this picture makes me is also as fit as I have looked in the last 6 months. While I have felt a little self conscious about my body my whole life..What the hell I like this photo!

day 126 May 6

There have been a number of complaints about the weather this spring. Apparently many are upset about the cloudy rainy days. The boot weather seems to keep coming and coming with no let up and when the sun comes out for one day people rejoice like they did not think it would ever reappear. I am not sure I get it.

day 125 May 5

The Cape Cod Kick ball adult inter mural league has kicked off its second season and as its official photographer I was present at the kickoff, no pun intended, held at Liam Maguires pub hosted by Beth shot here.

day 124 May 4

What do you say when you do not know what the right thing to say is?

day 123 May 3

In the past week I have two times received free stuff... and in both occasions it was related to photography and beer. The first free item was pint glass like the one pictured here from the bar pictured here, J.R. Brody's. Thanks Jen! The second gifts were a bunch of Guinness swag from some mini-marketing done last year. Both sets of swag will be used in upcoming photo set ups.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

week 18 day 122 shot of the week

This week saw one of our towns emerging artists hang her work at the library. You know where that is right?

Day 122 May 2

Ruth Allsup, 1924-2009, on this day leaves behind Percy, my grandfather, pictured here. Percy's health is also failing and the coming days will bring many memories of their and our lives together. While they were not Romeo and Juliet or Brad and Angelia, it occurred to me again today that this couple have long been my model for everyday heroes. From my perspective they have pursued and lived honest lives. Percy was brought to tears several months ago recounting his days in the cockpit of a fighter plane. He is now confined to the cockpit of a hospital bed and I suspect he will shortly fly it to join his bride.

day 121 May 1

Believe it or not I am going to bring this image around to my grandmothers passing away. Watch carefully, the large Gatling gun looking instrument protruding from the front of this submersible, is a turbulence sensor. I had little idea while taking this shot the turbulence in my personal life would dramatically change. It makes one wonder if they can create a scientific sensor that can sense turbulence, cannot I get one for my own life so I could have been more prepared for days like today?

day 120 April 30

While this photo is taken on April 30th I am blogging now on May 2nd, the day Ruth Allsup passed away. Ruth was my grandmother. She leaves a very ill husband Percy and a number of children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. I personally will always remember her playing the part of prophet at the cart tracks at the mega park in Florida. Do not run you will trip and hurt yourself she said. Ruth, I think, I still believe that running excitedly away from the past to the glorious future might be worth the pain. But I promise I will take my time for the rest of today.

day 119 April 29

This is one of two choices for shots for this day... This one has the dog, the other has a full pint glass, both are from series that I have been working on. The dog has been seen at this space more, so I was thinking about putting the pint up, but I like the dog shot just a little bit more. I am not sure that it really matters much I have been very distracted during this weeks shooting and now blogging. This just reminds me of a lesson you have to learn early in photography and life you cannot be properly focused all the time.

day 118 April 28

The day job was spent training customers all week. Good peeps who enjoyed the company of our little sweet p.

day 117 April 27

I facebook. I changed my status to facts are art. I am not sure I believe it. While I am certain that art is fact.

day 116 April 26

Local author T.M Murphy and his brother Seton Murphy will have a book published in 2010, named The Running Waves. Discussions with Ted have inspired me to try to capture images inspired by their words.