Sunday, September 6, 2009

week 36 bsm release, shot of the week

issue 7, summer 2009 of the magazine is available now! get your copy at The Burrito Place or email us if you live outside the 02536.

we also have back copies of several issues if you are looking for a missing issue or two to round out your collection or copies to give your mother. email for details and discount rates.

day 248 September 5

ever see the flying pigs posters?

day 247 September 4

e has been leaving her paintings propped up in windows and on our counters and I been able to not only enjoy looking at the images she sees and creates, but I also feel like I get to see inside her and them sometimes when the light captures them, like a negative in a enlarger holder and projects the strokes onto the canvass.

day 246 September 3

phoenix 365 gets considerably harder as our fuzzy friend will be going to camp Jones.

day 245 September 2

e asked me recently if I see things in black and white. The answer is that if I am shooting with black and white in mind, I consider light differently, I suppose. Lately I have been converting some .jpg's after they have been shot and I think I know when an image is more successful when stripped of color.

day 244 September 1

Seems quainter than my vision of Woods Hole.

day 243 August 31

The typical will become untypical for an unusually long amount of time soon.

day 242 August 30

The second season of Cape Cod Kickball has come to a close. The finals played under the lights at the admin building was fabulous, featuring an epic walk off come from behind win by Beach House team.