Saturday, January 30, 2010


I may have already posted this in last years mini blogs. I couldn't remember the word until reminded by e, so it shouldn't be a surprise that I can not remember if this topic has already been posted. Hopefully posting it this time will cement the coming term to my memory. I am introduced as, or asked often, if I am a professional photographer. Something about this term does not sit well with me. This is one of those things that I can not really put in to clear terms, but it immediately does not sit well in my ears and never comes from my mouth. I am not and not sure I would ever desire to be or to be called a professional photographer. So this leaves me searching for words or a word to define what you see that I do. It is I believe photography. You might have suggestions, but I recently came upon one I am comfortable with, short of just simply a photographer.

I am an independent photographer.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

back to the blog

I took a little time off from the blog here... everyday blogging is a lot, but that is not what I am here to blog about. Last night e and I were fortunate to attend the sold out (free tickets?) talk by Christo down in the hole. During the question and answer part he was asked how does he respond to the question of "Why?" does he want to do the projects he does. His answer to the question of why? There is no reason! Just because he wants to, because he thinks it will be fun. He wants to see the result, live the process. It is meaninglessness he says and yet it is so much his everything. E and I discussed the results of his work and neither of us would characterize the results as something we love, but after his revealing the process I can say I am now a huge fan of his process, work and personalty. And therefor now a fan of the results as well.

Friday, January 1, 2010

day 365 December 31

There you go. 365 mini photo blogs. Next for me is to put together the entire 365 (ish) phoenix 365 photos. Thanks for visiting over the last year. In year ten I plan on posting regularly, however probably not daily. Please continue to come by and see what is going on. Speaking of year ten, I intend to mark it shooting daily self portraits.

Lastly if you enjoy what you see here and wonder what the photos I might take might look like should I be at some invent you know of... tell me about it, I enjoy new places and challenges. Happy new year!

day 364 December 30

I just hired a new editor... sorry if you read these blogs as drafts before the editor came in and fixed the errors. Back to the stats. 2009 saw over 30,000 images shots. Fortunately for everyone... I am the only editor of this overwhelming number of images. That works out to a picture every 1050 seconds or so for those who like that sort of thing.

day 363 December 29

The third day of the head injury really featured the bruising in its full bloom. The stranger part was the remaining partial numbness to a portion of my scalp some distance from the injury. I believe this to be residual to the lidocaine injection in the wound. Not a big deal...but interesting.

day 362 December 28

The day after the injury I had 8 stitches, some swelling and the beginning of some bruising. It's funny how something, someplace, or someone can set certain days apart from each other. Or conversely how easy it is to let the days run into each other with little to set them apart.

day 361 December 27

There is not usually a lot of blood and gore at this blog. That all changes with the post for this day. I play Dek hockey in Lakeville, MA. I love it. I would play everyday. Presently I participate in pick up games on Sunday and Thursday and league play on Mondays. On this Sunday game, very early in, I got an accidental stick to the forehead. A little over an hour later I was driving myself to the Falmouth Hospital ER.

day 360 December 26

The end of the year brings reflection.

day 359 December 25

Christmas and px reflects on how art touches her life.

day 358 December 24

It was the night before Christmas and not a creature was stirring just a web cam in the house.

day 357 December 23

We took to calling old man Humphry "Grubby H" during his stay during Dog Camp II. You are a good dog little man, you will be missed someday......but not on our watch!

day 356 December 22

Holidays, this year e and I began wondering as we age how to keep the magic involved with these days alive. We are looking at some ideas for next year.

day 355 December 21

Like a blizzard falling on the year's end, Dog Camp II buried us in pups for year end.

day 354 December 20

There were deer tracks in the driveway. I popped a cookie in the mouth of the John Deere driver and shortly after our hill and our driveway were cleared of the '09 blizzard.

day 353 December 19

miss px anticipating blizzard 09.

day 352 December 18

Am thinking that it is hard to do 365 mini blogs. Short, sweet and meaningful. How do you manage to do this all year....perhaps I should look to the dog?

day 351 December 17

For those who like stats, thousands of naps where taken at bogg hill in this past year. Stay tuned for more fascinating stats.

day 350 December 16

Phoenix would be a totally great work dog. We probably should hire her out to contractors, I am positive she would help sales and land clients.

day 349 December 15

Pudding box light effect....

day 348 December 14

As the year of daily blogs also draws to an end I take paws.

day 347 December 13

One of our favorite non-relative little peeps.

day 346 December 12

We hope visitors to bogg hill will notice a change here in the new year. The plan is for built-in seating by the the back porch windows.

day 345 December 11

I think this pond has no name... perhaps e and I should name it? What do you think e? If it does have a name I am pretty confident we can come up with a better one.

day 344 December 10

I did not pose many of the year's phoenix photos. I did pose this one and it makes me wonder if I should have posed more of them. She is a very good and patient model. Who decided on the spelling of that word (patient)...something is not right!

day 343 December 9

Quite a few girls still really love the king..... long live the king!

day 342 December 8

Another piece of last year's work- I will begin looking at finishing is the phoenix 365 project. I am looking forward to putting together all those images into one big set.

day 341 December 7

I have been a little remiss on keeping up with the blog lately. I am up early on the first of a new, to finish off the year. This will allow me to get started on next year's, which is now this year's, projects.