Saturday, March 28, 2009

week 13 days 84 and 86 shots of the week

Choosing the photo of the week can be difficult, so this week I choose two. Lucy relaxes before dinner from Wednesday nights dinner out of the house. And Luke James at Coffee O.

We tend not to do much promoting here, but next week we intend to see the Turtle Shell All-Stars on Saturday at the Beach House, hope to see you there!

day 86 March 27

I took many photos on Friday as I was enjoying myself at the monthly Coffee Obsession open mic night, hosted by Melissa and Chris of Flipside, photoed here. More photos of this night can be found at in the archives and by then clicking into March 2009.

day 85 March 26

I have been taking some perverse pleasure in the things people choose not to say, but instead choose to note, sign, tape or post-it.

day 84 March 25

Wednesday was for dinner engagements. Fine food, dark beer, good company and 12 paws worth of dog was enjoyed by all.

day 83 March 24

At approximately 4:21 on March 24 2009 Will, to many's enjoyment including Larry's, dons a payload bay hull. It is quickly determined that Will's noggin is the only one suitably small enough for this display.

day 82 March 23

In the last post you may have been correctly asking yourself, good lord why would he be going to New Jersey!? I was at Rutgers University for the christening of Scarlet Knight II, the Coastal Ocean Observation Laboratory (or cool room's) Slocum glider which is slated to be launched in the coming weeks in hopes of being the first autonomous glider to make a transatlantic voyage. Interested? Well, they can tell the story better at their website.

day 81 March 22

It has been a busy week! On Sunday I drove to New Brunswick Nj. The drive was rather uneventful as was the day. As is this post. Read no further.

day 80 March 21

Several years ago while at the local market I grabbed small bags of white and whole wheat flour and searched out e in aisles. I found her of course studying the varying choices, stationary in an row next to an elderly woman, undoubtedly also searching the ingredients or price shopping. I proudly held out the paper pouches to e and exclaimed.

"and you say I never bring you flowers".

The older woman gasped - "OH you poor thing!"

Sunday, March 22, 2009

week 12 day 79 shot of the week

That thing looks like fun and that it was made for speed. If you do not have the urge to push that sucker up the hill and cruise headlong into danger, you should check your pulse.

day 79 March 20

I almost could not get back into the hotel room, this evening. I remembered that you are maybe not supposed to keep the key cards to the door in your wallet, as I inserted it in the slot and removed at varying speeds and intensities. Meanwhile I am rehearsing the conversation at the desk two long hall ways and five elevator flights away. Green light!

day 78 March 19

Sick of seeing pics of the cute dog (not likely), but if you are, why not invite me to some event or challenge me to shoot somewhere....I just might do it!

day 77 March 18

I have some work hanging at the local coffee shop, the owner of which told me this weekend that someone showed interest in purchasing one of the prints. e and I are tickled that the print is, of course, of......the dog.

day 76 March 17

In the biggest news of the week, e has decided to paint. I am proud of her and can not wait to see what she produces now that she will have time to do so.

day 75 March 16

Walks on the bogs have also become a lot more pleasant. Phoenix is being given more freedoms, even going off leash on the big bogs.

day 74 March 15

The dog has taken to more lounging on the porch....a sure sign of spring.

day 73 March 14

There is a handmade sign at the J.R. Brodys. It says "no F bombs before 10pm". Advice to live by for certain. I think they should make t-shirts.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

week 11 day 72 shot of the week

Another from the bashio which featured the Old Silver Band.

day 72 March 13

There was a mustachio bashio at the Courtyard in Cataumet on this day. We stole the idea of mustachios on sticks and e made me a bismark - good times!

day 71 March 12

I have called several of our previous revisions of dog- "pretty kitty". This one has now earned it by seeking out the patches of sunshine that move around the floors.

day 70 March 11

Do not worry no harm was done to the sweater during this photo shoot. This did not stop e from giving me a dirty look when she saw the "dirty" camera on her freshly cleaned and still wet sweater. I wish I could say this was the first and only time I have ever seen this look. Unfortunately I knew immediately what the look meant and why I was getting it.

day 69 March 10

I recently heard a comedian who lamented the old rotary phone days. One of the better punchlines was about not liking to call one of his friends who had a zero in their number- and then your finger would slip out and you would have to start all over.

day 68 March 9

I am trying to maintain a balance between the phoenix photos and other stuff.... sometimes she is just sooo damn cute its hard to not use the pics of her. This day, she is cute and the best shot of the day.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

week 10 day 67 shot of the week

He actually was not upset! Really!

day 67 March 8

We made a new friend, well at least we think we did. Dylan is the 9 month old son of our friends Colleen and Tim. I assume he is going to be a good guy and we will like him based on his fine lineage...but I really think it would be silly for me to assume that we are going to be friends. That said, so far so good, we seemed to get off to a good start, he played well on our floor with his own toys and was a gentlemen, a very good start indeed.

day 66 march 7

Katherine was present for her birthday cake this past weekend. As usual the potato pancakes preceded the chocolate cake. Also called redundantly by the rest of the szupes chocolate chocolate cake.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

day 65 March 6

After the long three day work week we met at a coworkers house for a taste of the very tasty home brew. It would be nice to limit the work week to three days more often, says the buzz.

day 64 March 5

As even more proof of my nearly complete recovery I starting dragging the body to work again too!

day 63 March 4

As proof of our recovery from the plague myself and the pup decided to pose for a second photo shoot.

day 62 March 3

I think I broke my nose playing hockey in the last 5 years and now this is all I see when I look at the pictures I take of me.

day 61 March 2

As a sick person I did not have a lot of motivation, I only took two pics on this day, this isnt' the other one.

day 60 March 1

I didn't realize how good Ibuprofen was as knocking down a temperature before last week. It really does! It was regularly dropping my temperature by more than a degree! The wonders of modern pharmaceuticals.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

week 9 day 57 shot of the week

What do you play when there is nothing left to play?

day 59 February 28

mmmmm sleepy........

day 58 February 27

Friday night is boys night and as you can tell from the pictures.....wild times!

Boys night has a couple rules.
1. There is no boy's night
2. I can not confirm or deny if boy's night has or will ever bring us over the bridge.

day 57 February 26

New "friend" Dan Byrnes plays the BBC every Thursday night!

day 56 February 25

I attended my first UCCC, part of the NECC, meeting on this day. What is that you ask? The upper cape camera club and New England camera club respectively of course. We reviewed a number of printed images while listening to the groups juror on tape cassette recording, not my average Wednesday night.

day 55 February 24

The worlds best pup or phoenix is growing her tail fur back after having had it shaved off. The vet did the shaving to investigate the area that she had chewed raw. My theory is her skin got too dry after repeated baths. All will be pleased to learn she is expected to make a full recovery.

day 54 February 23

If it is not my cohorts at work who have been getting me is the place in this picture. Three times a week I play dek hockey here and not all of my co-dek hockey players are as civilized as my teammates. Some of them choose to spit on the walls and benches and the benches and walls seldom get cleaned. So eventually there is a brown film in the most popular of spitting places. So every time I get sick I wonder if I absent mindedly exposed myself to the filth. This is probably not what you wanted to read about today, or any day, but here at the benshotme blog will sometimes find it necessary to expose the ugly of the day to day as well.

day 53 february 22

This day and the 6 or seven days above it in the blog will probably make no sense, as I am again blogging while un-well (again). Pink elephants, flying pigs these are just the thing to get you through another couple days on the couch.