Sunday, October 25, 2009

day 297 October 24

Foliage - I am not sure I believe in it....

day 296 October 23

The days will be getting short and dark soon might need to set up a living room studio finally....

day 295 October 22


day 294 October 21

A wonderful little family.

day 293 October 20

My friends don't want to play :(

day 292 October 19

Flooded bogs equals pouncing season.

day 291 October 18

Phoenix would like you to know the last photo was not Ireland.

day 290 October 17

Guinness is good, but it is better in Ireland, period.

day 289 October 16

This post has nothing to do with this picture. Having done a bunch of driving in Europe and now having done some driving on returning to the states, I have decided that the European driver is far superior. Presently my biggest pet peeve with the state side driver is the "I own the road mentality". Just a little reminder to my friends on the road, the left hand lane on the highway is the high speed passing lane. Please do not TRAVEL in this lane!!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

week 38 day 262 shot of the week

Once in a life time shots... how many do I have in me?

day 288 October 15


day 287 October 14

The bottom of the inspirational trough...hopeful to spring onto the next wave here soon...

day 286 October 13

Little Ella ended up in the hospital, but on the bright side she made some new friends and is now home and feeling much better.

day 285 October 12

Going to need to find a new project. Thinking tripod, or darkroom or both.....

day 284 October 11

After being away from the home we built for longer than I had ever been before, I, we returned to our daily lives fairly seamlessly. Extra puppy kisses aside.

day 283 October 10

I am not exactly stupid, I am not exactly smart. I am a fairly poor front lines editor, but I can often see the correct path.

day 282 October 9

Busy spinning worlds create illusions of stress and joy.

day 281 October 8

Last year I shot a picture nearly everyday, apparently I missed a day in March. This year I have shot everyday and have in addition added a phoenix 365 photo for each day. The phoenix photo has given me a subject everyday, a reason to shoot. As the year comes to a close I wonder what I might do for next years project.


day 280 October 7

I am very behind in the blog at the moment. This makes it seem somewhat more daunting to "catch up". Maybe the pictures alone will have to do.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

day 279 October 6

The day job had myself and a colleague leading the class in instruction of flying yellow submarines.

day 278 October 5

A weariness overcame me while in Kiel, the result of weeks in hotels and on the move. Kiel had a calm quiet reserve that was comforting and disconcerting at the same time. I think some of the photos I took there can capture a little of this.

day 277 October 4

Sometimes you need to step back put your back to the door, take a deep breath, relax and assess the situation.

day 276 October 3

Um... I believe this translates to no peeing on the guy pooping in the nook around the side of the church....

Saturday, October 10, 2009

week 37 day 253 shot of the week

The mountains of Italy. The shots of the week are a little behind.... so here come 3 or more in a row!

day 275 October 2

Hotel Berliner, Kiel, Germany. Picked for its proximity to the train station. Enjoyed for gummy bears on pillows and Ikea modernist design.

day 274 October 1

Kiel Germany. Wikipedia tells us:
Because of its status as a naval port and as production site for submarines, Kiel was heavily bombed by the Allies during World War II. The bombing destroyed 80% of the remaining old town, 72% of the central residential areas, and 83% of the industrial areas.

This I suspect is an influence as to why this city feels so modern and unlike the rest of the places recently visited in Europe.

day 273 September 30


day 272 September 29

Where is my guy?

day 271 September 28

This was about as spontaneous as they come. The camera was off. The barrel roller was 20 feet in front and approaching quickly. I knew I wanted a slower shutter speed than the camera would come up in, as it powered up I was trying to drive down the speed to a 15th of a second or lower, check, aim, click.

How long have they been rolling kegs of beer around Galway?

day 270 September 27

I am incredibly lucky. This was my fourth visit to Ireland, one of my favorite countries. We had Guinness, yes we drank one for you, we had bulmers, again for you, we saw sheep, of course. We used the hedge detector, another successful visit.

day 269 September 26

I saw this image started thinking of two of my favorite photographers and then I recorded it. jeremy and claire weiss are day19, included in their list of clients is Converse. It would be an understatement to say I am very envious of their career. I am equally impressed with their talent and approach. Having known them as budding photographers its very rewarding to see them achieving their dreams.

Well done you two.

day 268 September 25

This image symbolizes in many regards what it takes to do this much traveling, as we have done in the past month. The moving becomes a blurred mess of fuzzy sitting around, trying to absorb the differences and the similarities and find what you enjoy. Thankfully we have pictures.

day 267 September 24

Audi A3, check. 2 Cameras, check. Batteries and memory cards, check. Wife, check. Money and credit, check. Majorca (or Mallorca) amazing, check.

day 266 September 23

e was speaking, I had to start whispering, "back up....back uP..BACK up. More and more urgently and during the third back up e stepped out of frame with out missing a word in her sentence and I clicked this picture. A picture of what I hope is us, still moving forward in the rain in a foreign land 30 years from now.

day 265 September 22

I hope his (its a blue bike not a pink one) helmet was securely fastened around his chin before whatever this attempt was.

day 264 September 21

Nice was nice but I do not think I could live there. First I do not speak french.

day 263 September 20

While in Nice I shot this photo. Also while in Nice I saw an image that was treated like the boarder here... but different. This is again, my cover version of another players representation of borders with text. This is my first example and I think I need to work on the correct spacing of the outer line and space out side of that as well. Watch for more here.

day 262 September 19

I am not particularly a "morning person". Getting up at 4 am to drive to the airport is not my idea of a good time. That said, wake me up any time you can promise photo ops like this.

day 261 September 18

Having never been to sea one has a sense of what life on a boat is like. It is slightly remarkable since my experience was so short and only a microcosm of the seagoing experience, but it appears the call of the port, even if its just a day trip, brings sailors to the rails with eyes longing for land.

day 260 September 17

During this 34 day trip I got to go to sea for the first time. Two sea's technically, the Mediterranean and the Baltic in that order. I found that I really enjoy being on these research ships and the trips went fairly well.

day 259 September 16

What would you do while in Pisa waiting for you boss to land? I thought so.

day 258 September 15

I know many of you are probably very worried about the phoenix 365 project. I have not done a complete inventory yet... but I hoped to have not missed a day. Phoenix 258.

day 257 September 14

e, probably as much due to travel stability, as to being inspired by Italy was most productive during our 10 days in Lerici. This is one of my favorite paintings, but I am more fond of her ink sketches from her journal. These can be seen with other pieces she worked on at her site here.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

day 256 September 13

Twice a year the Isola de Tino is opened to the public. We were fortunate enough to get to visit the island on one of these two days. Wikipiedia tells us about the island:
"The patron saint of the Gulf of La Spezia, Saint Venerius (Italian San Venerio), is said to have lived in on the island as a hermit, and later as abbot, until his death in 630.[1] His feast is celebrated here annually on 13 September. It is thought that a sanctuary was constructed at the place of Venerio's death to contain his remains and that this was extended to form a monastery in eleventh century. The remains of the monastery can be seen on the northern coast of the island.

Today the island, which is part of a military zone, is surmounted by a lighthouse.?"

day 255 September 12

Choosing the shot of the day on some days is difficult, I am my worst editor and I also am like a parent that says I love all my children equally......

day 254 September 11

I try not to refer to this day as nine-eleven. I have only slipped and refereed to it as such a couple of times. This day having a slogan or catch phrase has fundamentally disappointed me since, well September 11 2001. I also could get by with out being reminded to never forget.

day 253 September 10

We had been to Lerici before. This did no stop me from talking over 300 pictures on this day. This time we also had a car and we made a trek to the mountains and the little village of Fosdinovo, Italy that e had read a story set in. There were cappuccinos. There were long walks on the beach. We saw dogs sun bathing. We did not buy any smokes.

day 252 September 9

Our luggage was lost. Our flight overbook and we were bumped. But the rental car was available and the gps was on. So out of Rome and up the west coast to Pisa we went. When the luggage was not in Pisa we continued to our final destination, Lerici. Oh and there were mountains too.

day 251 September 8

We set forth from our 02536 home. In Dulles we overheard a business exec talking on his blackberry with blue tooth head set so everyone can hear, about how the board was trying to play games and get him knocked off while he was traveling... or some such non-sense. From a following call its sounded like he worked in some sort of educational software. I was not sad to see him saunter off in his comfy flying shoes.

day 250 September 7

If you follow along at home you know that I shoot the odd pint. I believe this is the first pint of orange juice shot. The pint glass shape, is it it's hour glass figure that makes it so appealing or is it that its usually holding beer.....