Saturday, November 29, 2008

Turning Pointe

Yesterday erica and I had the pleasure of seeing our niece, a little mouse, and her fellow dancers from Turning Pointe Dance Studio perform the Sea Captains Nutcracker at the four C's theater. Being the day after Thanksgiving I was feeling a little lethargic and it was something of a mental struggle to actually get to the performance, despite it being at 3 oclock. Once there the pleasure of immersing myself in the fishing for shots soon made everything ok again.

The performance was interesting to behold as all level of performer was presented to the viewer and shooter. It was interesting to contrast the fluidity of the professionals with the enthusiasm and desire of the in-training students. What a reward it must be for these students to not only see the results of their practice put to the test, but to also see a demonstration of the results of true devotion to the craft, displayed by the professionals on hand. A hardy well done to Laura Faria the studios art director and all her performers, for a wonderful show!

Sunday, November 23, 2008


Sometimes these posts are to make sure some of the shots I really really like end up being talked about here in the blog. This shot is one of my favorites from our ever getting more distant vacation to Italy. In case you have not caught up to what your looking at, look again, that statue is holding the severed head of Medusa. Making the statue itself Perseus. If you already knew these tidbits kudos to you my observant and educated reader! I love the rapt attention the woman in the puffy white jacket is giving the scene. Also the shadows of the statues and other folks milling about this night are also rather stunning. The actual shooting was done with a new trick of mine that maybe I will reveal in an upcoming blog.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Blog for Gina

One of our new favorite readers recently commented with mild amazement something like..."how do you get a picture of a dog just sitting on a street corner in Venice like that?" Well the way you do this is to never leave your camera behind. If possible have your camera in your hand and turned on at all times. When in Italy step it up a notch, carry extra batteries and extra cameras. Look around corners, stop when you should walk, turn when you should proceed. Walk and walk all day and night until you know the area like you lived there for years. Take photos even when there are no photos to be taken.

Saturday, November 15, 2008


We have now been back from Italy for almost a week. I have just about finished editing the second set of images down to a reasonable number and quality of image. The first couple days back it was nice to be in the familiar confines of home. This is quickly wearing off and given way to the desire to be back on the Mediterranean wondering when the waitress might stumble by your table. No longer can I innocently ignore the conversations of others because I can not understand them. The baggage we haul around is no longer yesterdays laundry and tomorrows costumes. I am left wondering how do you inject a bit of escape into everyday existence?

Monday, November 10, 2008


I have just finished the first edit, of the first of three slide shows, of images from our recently ended trip to Italy. This is a time consuming process...uploading, sorting, editing. This is a process, including the blogging about, that I recommend you do not do while jet lagged, as you make mistakes, by the jumbo liner. It is also however, rewarding as now I am getting to relive that first Lasagna in Italy. The first pizza. The views of the castle ect. For those of you eager to see the pics too.. sorry its taking so long, but I promise something for Tuesday night.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

making our way

We have been traipsing around Italy for 2 weeks now. And this morning will mark the first steps towards home. This immediately makes me think of, and miss, our little pup phoenix, who would have loved to come on this trip. So many other smallish pups of her stature here. So many things to sniff. So many people to charm. She would have had a blast. See you soon little phoenix!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Una birra lager, per favore.

Last week was a busy one for me, e will tell a slightly different story of our stay in the sleepy fishing village of Lerici. For me it was talks and conversations during the day that turned to stories and mingling by night. A favorite meeting spot was the "Corona" where more than a couple pints were shared of the Kronenbourg 1664, which despite its Nordic/Germanic name hails from the UK. Our numbers dwindled steadily during the week and finally we parted all our new and old work friends and railed to Firenze (Florence for our English speakers). Presently we are still struggling (with and or enjoying) a more limited than connected, internet connections. More to come when the net becomes less expensive and more stable.