Sunday, August 30, 2009

week 35 day 237 shot of the week

This was the weakest week in weeks. Still recovering from the wedding maybe, too busy at work... looking forward to another change of scene next week.

day 241 August 29

The wunderpup resting, during another raining, sloshy day.

day 240 August 28

Happy Birthday e! 33!

day 239 August 27

This one should probably be black and white.... I'll be right back with that

Now, that didn't take long - what do you think?

day 238 August 26

We joined friends for our first Coonamessett Farms Jamaican night on this day. So close to home and so few familiar faces...made me wonder who are these people....

day 237 August 25

This week e has started to become the benshotme office manager for real. She is now trained in the setting up of prints at the lab and how to layout the magazine. Next she will probably want a raise.

day 236 August 24

I suspect the reason photography sometimes gets slighted by the fine arts, like oil painting, is that in the case of photography many people think, give me that great/special camera and I could do that too. e is one of the few who can say give me the brushes, paints and canvas and I create too, most of us already know we could not use this medium to convey a feeling, a moment or a compelling image. Here she is either dreaming about having her own gallery like Doug and Hilary or looking for inspiration.....

day 235 August 23

Visually things are about to change dramatically, but like the change in the evening air, I feel you can see the hints of the changing seasons before you can express how you are aware of them.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

week 34 day 232 shot of the week

Home is where the heart is.
Home sweet home.
Home run.
Home coming.
Home is the Bourne Bridge.

day 234 August 22

Jack has landed on the bogs, in search of fireflies and frogs.

day 233 August 21

At 233 straight days of shooting the pup px daily....I am starting to hit a wall... I fear many are becoming repeats. I am going to have to come up with something new for her soon....

day 232 August 20

Do the ending seasons sink into the depths of your psyche even before you realize they segueing? In retrospect some of this past weeks images have a recognition of transition in them, that is completely unplanned.

day 231 August 19

Every summer I intend on using this rope swing. The summer is drawing to an end.... somehow I feel this is captured in these pixels. I have no swung.

day 230 August 18

The second season of Cape Cod Kickball is winding down. This is from the semi-final game that had Cape Cod Cowboys triumphant and moving on to the finals.

day 229 August 17

This was the only image from this day - five attempts to arrive at this.... This was a "training week" at the day job, which can be incredibly taxing. Seems the wunder pup even feels it.

day 228 August 16

Moving vehicles are not always a good platform for shooting photos from... but this week I have found a number of images from inside of them.... This one during a summer weekends days Boston Duck Tour.

Monday, August 17, 2009

week 33 day 227 shot of the week

Congratulations to Molly and James who married on August 15, 2009 in a private ceremony of friends and family in the far east of the 02536, Waquoit.

day 227 August 15

Did I mention yet that I do not shoot weddings? On the day of this wedding I shot 1813 images. Give or take a couple (no pun intended).

day 226 August 14

This weekends wedding included the incredibly photogenic Ollie. There is a growing list of names/faces that I could shoot all day everyday, Ollie joins that list.

Day 225 August 13

Px has been unwell, still. She could just be tired or bored in this image.....but I see a dog disappointed in her gods for allowing her to remain itchy and bumpy for well over a week.....

day 224 August 12

If you are reading this, then Falmouth's newest restaurant is open! The Glass Onion! e and I where fortunate enough to get a sneak preview. All the dishes were very good, but the bread pudding was the best I have ever had.

day 223 August 11

I am very leery of shooting weddings, despite this, I shot one this week. We had to leave the wonder pup alone for a good portion of the day.

day 222 August 10

Ever wish you traveled around with a band? Most people probably wish this so they could be serenaded or so their life could have a soundtrack. Me - I want to shoot them in all the lawn chairs in front of the Christmas Tree shop.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

week 32 day 221 shot of the week

Falmouth Road race.... It was nice to shoot the event while not caring about getting anything "good".

day 221 August 9

The book of quotations on the side of the road during the road race seemed a little strange.... but the best quote of the day was from the runner who said - who decided to put the hill at the end of the race, in perfect exhausted sarcasm.

day 220 August 8

Daniel Byrnes rocks the Falmouth BBC every Thursday night

day 219 August 7

phoenix ended up at the vet for an allergic reaction to something. She ended up on the juice. There is a lot of controversy as to whether or not all her records should now have an asterisk next to them.

In other news Roland the bear was certainly relieved that she would not be bothering him on this day.

day 218 August 6

phoenix can not weight until her photo series is over....

day 217 August 5

Another difficult day to choose a favorite from, so I choose something a little different.....

day 216 August 4

More cover photography, in this one the body angle reminds me of the Henri quint image combined with the samsquanch video.

day 215 August 3

Is it ok if I let some speak for themselves?

day 214 August 2

Team allszplat made a quick half week jaunt to Maine. Booth Bay, Orono and a lunch in Bar Harbor. It was nice to get out and see some new places again. That said this is not the enviroment I would choose to shoot first. Too rustic, too familiar, too easy.

day 213 August 1

Smitty, if you do not have a spoke person.... I have a possible suggestion for one.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

week 31 day 210 shot of the week

Continued from blog below (so start there).

It turns out elective surgery's, like stitches in the nose, by Dr's, if they even call them that at the Disney World infirmary, do not like to begin until they have a note from ones parents. So after sitting around for a long time in the waiting room... I was brought to a Dr's lab, for the first time I remember, then and now. The nurse came in and explained what was to happen. The pain from the anesthesia, how this would prevent the Dr's sowing from hurting etc. Then she asked did I want anything before they began. I looked around the little room. Cotton swabs, metallic Dr. stuff, lights, towels. I required a towel. The nurse tried to reassure me that they would clean up the wound if it started bleeding.... this was not why I wanted the towel. I had seen enough westerns to know that I needed a bullet to bite on. I also had surveyed the scene well enough to know that she was unlikely to be able to provide a bullet. So I said to her. "To bite on"
Five stitches they sent me and Ruth and Percy on our way with instructions not to get the wound wet and others that I have long forgotten. The wet biz was a drag at river country which would have probably been my favorite part of the trip. At the end of the week when I saw my parents at the airport I cried for the first time, I figured I was going to be in trouble for hurting myself while on vacation with the grandparents.

day 212 July 31

If you look closely you can see the scar in the middle of my nose. As a youngster my grandparents brought me to Disney World. Darting towards the stairs from the race car track by the Tea Cups my grandmother yelled out "Don't run you will fall and hurt yourself......" My mind responded "pft". Half way up the steps I tripped and my nose met step. Unfazed I popped up and continued to the top of the steps where a child stared in horror at me. I wiped the sweat from my brow. Then still today I see in slow motion my hand sweep around into view. Crimson and wet the palm looked as if I had put my hand into a sheet of red paint.

I'M - B - L - E - E - D - I - N - G

to be continued....

day 211 July 30

I often tell e that shooting is my version of fishing. Like fishing it seems some days they are biting, and other days not so much. On the not so much days, I keep casting and hoping that I get a nibble on something. When a roll starts it can last for minutes, hours and sometimes days. Then the lines go dormant as quick as they can go hot. And like fishing I no longer dream of the big one, I dream of the ultimate string.

day 210 July 29

“We often photograph events that are called 'news' , " Cartier-Bresson told Byron Dobell of "Popular Photography" magazine in 1957, "but some tell the news step by step in detail as if making an accountant's statement. Such news and magazine photographers, unfortunately, approach an event in a most pedestrian way. It's like reading the details of the Battle of Waterloo by some historian: so many guns were there, so many men were wounded - you read the account as if it were an itemization. But on the other hand, if you read Stendhal's Charterhouse of Parma, you're inside the battle and you live the small, significant details... Life isn't made of stories that you cut into slices like an apple pie. There's no standard way of approaching a story. We have to evoke a situation, a truth. This is the poetry of life's reality."
- from

day 209 July 28

Our little pup has some pointer in her.

day 208 July 27

Did I mention that this week was going to feature a lot of self portraits and black and white? My mother used to claim that 208 was her lucky number. Even as a youngster I thought that this had a digit or two too many digits to really be a lucky number. But what the heck, maybe I will pick a lucky number....let see my new lucky number is 211,208 with a little nod to the mum's number picking wisdom.

day 207 July 26

This would be another candidate for a pano crop and worth a look bigger by clicking on the image. Every year I tell myself that I am going to do the rope swing at the punch bowl.... each year the summer seems to slip by before I get a chance or remember. I guess I should just put it on the calendar.

day 206 July 25

So after switching over to b&w at the Paulo N. show I got the monochrome in me again. Most of the following week was/is spent shooting in black and white as well as self portraits and of course, the pup.