Saturday, August 1, 2009

week 31 day 210 shot of the week

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It turns out elective surgery's, like stitches in the nose, by Dr's, if they even call them that at the Disney World infirmary, do not like to begin until they have a note from ones parents. So after sitting around for a long time in the waiting room... I was brought to a Dr's lab, for the first time I remember, then and now. The nurse came in and explained what was to happen. The pain from the anesthesia, how this would prevent the Dr's sowing from hurting etc. Then she asked did I want anything before they began. I looked around the little room. Cotton swabs, metallic Dr. stuff, lights, towels. I required a towel. The nurse tried to reassure me that they would clean up the wound if it started bleeding.... this was not why I wanted the towel. I had seen enough westerns to know that I needed a bullet to bite on. I also had surveyed the scene well enough to know that she was unlikely to be able to provide a bullet. So I said to her. "To bite on"
Five stitches they sent me and Ruth and Percy on our way with instructions not to get the wound wet and others that I have long forgotten. The wet biz was a drag at river country which would have probably been my favorite part of the trip. At the end of the week when I saw my parents at the airport I cried for the first time, I figured I was going to be in trouble for hurting myself while on vacation with the grandparents.

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