Wednesday, December 23, 2009

day 340 December 6

Starting on January 2nd the Burrito Place will begin delivery. I assume the driver will be in this outfit?

day 339 December 5

What exactly are guidelines. What are the repercussions of not following them? At the Bruins game Paul wondered to me what to do with the peanut shells. I guided him to the arena floor, but he surely could have also put them on the seat to his right. The guideline I gave was surely and only a suggestion, meaning in a free society peanut shells can go just about anywhere until bullies or lawyers get involved.

day 338 December 4

Originally this post had something different. Then I was issued guidelines and got so irritated I removed the original, better post. It, the original post, also inCORPorated phoenix but she was at the office not working over the fork as she is here.

Monday, December 7, 2009

day 337 December 3

Cuteness reigns.

day 336 December 2

Despite appearances, her body is still properly attached to her head.

day 335 December 1

An ideal Christmas gift.

day 334 November 30

Troop knucklehead in their full glory. Now that they are gone we have a little peace. I should remind myself to not take pictures like this where things appear calm and under control. NOTE TO SELF - This picture is an illusion.

day 333 November 29

One of our favorite local authors, T.M. Murphy has a new book out and the entire benshotme staff went to have our copies signed in Sandwich.

day 332 November 28

Another bonus shot only available here at the blog. Nothing remarkable here, could be the days phoenix 365 shot, might not be. Next years daily project has been on my mind and I have settled on a year of self portraits, tentatively titled 'ben shot i'

day 331 November 27

This one is not the image that I have in my November gallery over in the archives... it is a little darker....but a little sharper, so I can encourage you to click on this and enjoy the depth it seems to have. In case your wondering... I really do not like photos like this... Do you?

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

day 330 November 26

On a different note... e has cracked herself up twice this day. Once when her computer told her to "resume failure" and then while discussing the size of eagle eyes; "They should outlaw softball and just have baseball"

day 329 November 25

Phoenix has not been able to get any of her holiday shopping done yet. Maybe next week.

day 328 November 24

There is a certain quality to some black and white images that I realize I have been wanting to create..... this is not it. But this quality has me shooting in in black and white(digitally) presently to see where and how I might reproduce or replicate the look I admire.

day 327 November 23

I returned to this.