Sunday, February 22, 2009

week 8 day 52 shot of the week

Another from the swim meet mentioned in the next post. I woke up the next day and could not figure out why my legs were sore. Eventually it occurred to me that I took many low angle shots and my aches must be from crouching so much at the pool....Makes me wonder how Varitek does it?

Interested in the Gators click here.

day 52 February 21

Friend Stacie invited us to Roslindale, where she coaches the Gators swim team. I immersed myself in shooting as the kids methodically took turns swimming their laps. This meet was Gator on Gator, with the white capped Gators handily defeating Stacie's green capped Gators. I shot several hundreds of pics and absolutely love 4 to 5, including this one.

day 51 February 20

It's been a rough winter for ms phoenix as she has not had as many walks as she would normally like. Or maybe you can already tell this from her expression.

day 50 February 19

I actually can't be bothered to determine which day this shot is from, I think that the clock in this camera is still set to "not daylight savings time", plus I do not consider after midnight the next day like the convention. Anyone else feel this way, that its not officially the next day until you go to bed and get up? So anyway I can not be bothered...the technology has put this shot in this day so here it is.

day 49 February 18

This day was a busy day at the pond, where 4 of 5 flights were successful.

day 48 Febraury 17

Speaking of the 02536, the center of the universe, has a new pub. J.R Brody's opened to good crowds. Myself and e were only able to make it to three out of their first four nights. Maybe we can do better this week. Note that their linked website is under construction, but be sure to check back, as good things are sure to be coming.

day 47 February 16

Whisking back to my sweet, good tunes, the worlds best pup enjoying the view towards the vineyard in the back of a sporty grey gti in the 02536, sometimes I have to pinch myself at how good things are. Now only if there were guinness in the fridge, oh well you can't have everything!

day 46 February 15

Had a little scare here...I was pretty sure I had taken some shots on this day, but then I couldn't find any....but after checking, I had only neglected the upload from this day....whew! Another from phoenix 365.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

week 7 day 44 shot of the week

An astute viewer will note that there was not a week six shot. This was because I loved the week 5 shot so much I let it stay up for 2 weeks, but alas it was time for a change.

day 45 February 14

My favorite shot of this day is a nude...but so far this site and blog have not had these, and as e says... perhaps her parents and friends don't want to see her boobs.

day 44 February 13

Photography, like life can be funny sometimes...when I took this one, I thought it was a throw away, but now several days later, I rather enjoy it. e and I went to a party last night and I wasn't sure I would have fun as we have been trying to return to normalcy and I knew I would not know many peeps there. Turns out the go2536 hat was a party talk piece, who knew, and I left having had fun!

day 43 February 12

Chicken soup, pups, blogging, your sole is now nourished. Go out and inspire!

day 42 February 11

This is the poorest advertising in the world, but we have more copies of the winter edition of benshotme the magazine available- and as you can see they are on demand by post it note - so they must be good!

day 41 February 10

I think I have decided to join the upper cape camera club. We will know for sure in a couple weeks when the first meeting that I have an opportunity to go to comes and goes. If I have attended and enjoyed it, then I will have joined. This is being sparked by missing having a photo community. I am wondering how the first meeting will go...Hi my name is ben, I take photos.........

day 40 February 9

When you spend days on your couch slowly watching the hills of Kleenex roll in on you, well you begin to get a little self esoteric.
"no one knows these hands like I know these hands. That crooked broke knuckle, the industrial washing machine scar, these must be preserved for future generations, why is my inner dialog so sniffly, BRING ME JUICE!"

day 39 February 8

The cold/flu, whatever, stripped me of a couple days of productivity. A week later the congestion is still clearing and e is showing symptoms of now being the ill one, we seem to be having some sort of illness seesaw this winter.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

day 38 February 7

e is what we like to call a "reader". Presently she is reading Russell Brands booky wook for the record I want to state that e was in the bathroom in London when I discovered Russell Brand and choose to share him with her. Now she would be throwing her bra at him, well maybe not, but she likes him a lot. To be even more precise it was the 11th of May in 2006 when we discovered the Brand, for those of you who follow us closely, I believe this is the same day that e blogged about beach sides in England from the train.

day 37 February 6

The local newspaper, it will always hold a bit of a soft spot in my heart, as they used to give me lots of free film for "assignments", but I no longer have any trouble when people call it the empytprise. I mean really, this weeks edition of the not fit for front page, front page story's headline reads:

Daunting Challenge
Toy Store sets goal of completing 18,240-piece puzzle

day 36 February 5

Do you not wish you had a tail sometimes?

day 35 February 4

As I write this I am suffering from the flu or something like it. Does anyone else feel like their consciousness changes during an illness, that they are looking through to the world with a different perspective? I think I am a decent sickie as I tend not to complain (much).

day 34 February 3

If I had a choice between you coming to the blog and reading the posts or looking at the photos....I would of course choose look at photos, that is why I tend to make these text snippets short and boring.

day 33 February 2

Happy Ground Hogs day. On this day phoenix did not see her shadow, therefor her guy will continue to shorten and lengthen the seasons however he sees fit to best support his argument. Happy Spring!

day 32 February 1

My favorite shot from this day is actually of phoenix, pup ambassador, but I know I have a number of days coming up that the only choice will be of the pup....So here is one from the "beer" series, on super bowl Sunday at Liam Maguire's

Sunday, February 1, 2009

day 30 week 5 shots of the week

The trouble with trying to pick a photo from each day is that some days there are more than one that deserve to be recognized. For me a day spent wandering around any new location will create multiple images. This day a Friday in January in Ny was cold, we got to see Rockefeller Center and the skaters, we walked from mid-town to The Guggenhiem, took a tour bus ride and had dinner with old friends. How can more days be like this day?

day 31 January 31

Sarah Murphy's reading about her now departed dog was the second time I had almost cried in the last 2 days. The day before I was almost moved to tears by the insanity and dedication of Tehching Hsieh's, Time clock Piece, 1980–81, after viewing it at the Guggenheim.

day 30 January 30

The east village and dinner at Frank with Stephanie and Dan was loud and fun and totally foreign from our normal routine.

day 29 January 29

The trip to Ny was our christmas present to each other and the reason was to see Kings of Leon. There were lots of little kids (you know college age little kids), this made me feel simultaneously old and young. The show was touching as the band was very appreciative of this, their first HUGE show. The lead said he had been dreaming of this night his whole life, and we all believed him.

day 28 January 28

We are pretty sure if phoenix could talk, she would say that winter stinks. She especially hates it when walks are missed and will sulk around the house.

day 27 January 27

I took this photo because of the dramatic lighting, but then several days later I noticed another flag in a shot from MSG and this got me thinking, anyone else been noticing the flag with a sense of pride again?

day 26 January 26

One thing that made the Ny trip easy was the new phone. We were able to stay "connected" the entire time and I never got stressed about what I might be falling behind on.

day 25 January 25

This is last Sunday, I am blogging from this Sunday where the world is still settling back to a scene like last Sunday.... You see we spent 2 days in Ny, Ny, for a show at MSG and then returned to a January open mic night at a Mashpee art might wonder how that went, well the pace is certainly different.