Sunday, January 25, 2009

day 20 week 4 shot of the week

Obama-nation abomination, sleeping through the ceremonies!

day 24 January 24

That's is e having just enjoyed her egg's benny. We have been married going on 8 years, I call her my x-girlfriend.

day 23 January 23

We have been having a boys night for sometime, it is supposed to be every Friday night. We get together about 2 times a month. Occasionally we go out of the house. For some reason the wives are never concerned. But boys night does have a singular rule when it leaves the house. "I cannot confirm or deny if we went over the bridge."

day 22 January 22

How many of us wonder if they should keep a diary or write their own biography, you know the autobiography. My autobiography should probably be termed a volksbooken. Occasionally I think about recording some of the pivotal moments or more humorous of these days I have lived. I wonder from time to time, if now these posts and the work I have been doing lately are as good a biography as I could make and if I should just try to include some of those bits here and there,here......

day 21 January 21

phoenix's mum spent the days after the inauguration wearing some of her peeps of great importance necklaces. This is not why this is shot 21. It being a fairly sharp long exposure with really fun ghosting in the back ground is why (click on it for the bigger version to see the ghosting).

day 20 January 20

This was phoenix's first election and her first opportunity to see the transition of one to another head of state of her nation. Years from now she will be telling people how she slept through the whole thing. Fortunately for her, her mum has been telling her all about it for days since.

day 19 January 19

When a song has an alluring grab you by the collar chorus or lick they call it the hook. I have been looking for a photographic hook for some time. This shot is another in a long list of potential hooks that seems like it could be fun... look for more like this in coming days and posts.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

day 18 week 3 shot of the week

Ella our 6 year old niece was our companion as she rolled a 56 in her first ever trip to a bowling alley and her second frame saw her improve by 14 pins! She was very cute not willing to even leave the shoe putting on area for a short amount of time after donning her tiny shoes. She gathered her gumption and did eventually settle into having a great time.

January 18 day 18

We finally got out of the house, e was able to get back in the saddle again and we can now call ourselves bowlers again!

January 17 day 17

Your first thought at seeing this might be, WTF? or what is this? or I don't get it, is that art? Well we have been having quite a winter so far with lots of slushy rainsnow. So the photography has been largely inward looking, you the reader are getting a little glimpse into our existence here stuck in the house. This is a perfect example, we read our local big news in the Enterprise. E enjoys each morning what we have termed the "full erica", what everyone else calls poached eggs. And I in an attempt to continue reliving our days of vacation while in Italy, eat olives.

January 16 day 16

The first nude for year, I think; does this count?

January 15 day 15

I had a different shot, another from 365 for this day, but then I changed my mind. It is after all winter. In the back is the stove e and I battle over. She likes to turn the fan on high "to get the heat out". I like to keep the fan we can sleep.

January 14 day 14

The last post was a before. Here is an after. And a reminder that there are only 345 shopping days until Christmas and perhaps you should be thinking about getting some go2536 gear

January 13 day 13

I do not do a lot with photoshop or like programs. 99 percent of what you see at and here at the blog is exactly what was recorded by the camera. Usually a jpeg. I have been enjoying some of the stylized cool images I have come across lately, reminiscent of cross processing. This image I did play around with some and the resulting image is one of my facebook profile pics. So a find a "before" here and friend me up at facebook or search around the archives at benshotme to see the "after".

Thursday, January 15, 2009

January 12 day 12

I am presently driving three times a week off cape. e will be happy for me to remind you all that it is "on the cape", not "at the cape" or "in the cape".

What would the safe driving lobby make of: On the cell phone while photographing, while driving...don't tell Peter that's for sure.

January 11 day 11

I am having trouble not reverting to the phoenix 365 for almost every pic...but we have a friend who is probably just as cute as the little pup. Hard to imagine that it took a whole 11 days before we got a visit from little Addie cakes, but she really cannot drive yet, so we blame her drivers.

January 10 day 10

One of the best compliments I have ever had about my photographs was;

"You should check them out they can be like a Steven Wright joke"

I have friend; he has a trophy wife; Apparently it wasn't first place.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Day 9 Week 2 shot of the Week

I quit smoking many years ago. It was the most difficult thing I have ever done to myself. I also tend to not like to see things wasted. So I find it a little ironic that I felt a little remorse as this smoke was soon stomped beyond repair. I feel like I should feel that it got what it deserved, but no I felt a little pang of sadness for its potential going unrealized.

January 9 day 9

The benshotme staff went to Grumpy's to see the big D last night. That's not what I want to blog about however. This photos metadata is tagged as being from the 10th. It was actually shot late on the 9th. I have been meaning to reset the clock in this camera for sometime as it is set for daylight savings time or something stupid. Like the light out in the kitchen, this is one of those so stupidly simple things to do....they are being left undone.

January 8 day 8

There is a controversy brewing in Woods Hole. A local restaurateur wants to be able to roast coffee beans in his garage. Somehow this has blown up to a controversial issue, which needed to be brought to the zoning board. Presently they have not made a finding on the status of this issue. The benshotme staff is hopeful they will do the right thing.

January 7 day 7

It's convenient to be doing 2 365 "projects" as they can spill into each other and any given day one can be both. The benefit of one of 365's being of little phoenix is that she never complains about posing for a shot or two on the days where I do not have a lot of time to search for subjects.

January 6 day 6

Once a week phoenix is a working dog.... here she is on her way to the office. Looks like she feels the same way about it as I do.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

January 5 day 5

The top photo is the one I want to blog about from day 5. The bottom one is my fav from day 5. The top shows our 3rd set of address and phone number tags for wonder pup phoenix. The girls at the shop seemed to think I was joking when I asked if they sold insurance on the sale of tags, turns out I should have pushed this issue harder.....

January 4 day 4

They say a photo says a 1000 words. You gotta wonder which thousand sometimes.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Day 3.1 - Week 1 shot of the week

Do not worry... Here at the blog I also I will be keeping up with recording the shots of the week from the main site. This shot is from earlier today and I am not sure why it is the shot of the week and would welcome suggestions.... Happy new year!

January 3 Day 3

I am actually attempting two 365 projects.... one is to publish a photo from everyday this year... another is to record a photo of phoenix everyday. This is phoenix day 3. phoenix if you do not know her is a mutt ambassador who would, if she could speak, tell you to go find her a friend at your local shelter.

January 2 day 2

My inner self yearns to stare into the coals and wither away the winter in their warmth....while I feel some other truth may call and wisk me into the cold.

January 1 day 1

This year I thought I would try my first 365 project... What you should find here at the ben shot me blog are shots from each day of the year....but not updated everyday.

I thought that a visual shout out to A.A. was appropriate to start the year. Wonder what he would have made of today's processes, which are making two of these three books nearly obsolete. A good exposure still goes a long way.....