Friday, November 27, 2009

day 326 November 22

I choose the long layover in London. 22 hours. I was up early and caught my 6 pm flight (that was also an adventure). During the day in London I had the full breakfast, visited Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, the London Eye, I walked the banks of the Thames, rode a double decker tour bus, minded the gap, updated my facebook, saw a 4d short film and I bought socks.

day 325 November 21

I have been very lucky to get to travel some for work lately. For a long time I have dreamed of traveling the world taking photographs, while this was not exactly the way I drempt - it will do.

day 324 November 20

We are often drawn back to the sea. My uncle again this year was talking about buying land in Maine as an answer to rising sea levels. I think many people think that global warming is causing the ice caps to melt and this is resulting in the sea level rising. Of greater effect is the thermal expansion of water as the temperature increases, but I suspect knowing why is of little comfort to those seeking something to fear.

day 323 November 19

Vlachos tavern is where I ate my first snail and this gentleman told us the origin of mad cow.

day 322 November 18

It was a strange experience to spend a week in a foreign country and primarily only see a hotel and its surrounding restaurants. I also did not sleep full nights while visiting, often waking well before sunrise to watch the sunrise over the Mediterranean.

day 321 November 17

The beach actually was not so nice in this section of Cyprus.

day 320 November 16

The hotel area east of Larkana, Cyprus had three functioning hotels and one abandoned one. Ollie and I would spend a morning wandering around the shell of the former resort.

day 319 November 15

It is fun to travel around the globe to a hotel on a beach in Cyprus and grab your camera to walk down to the beach to find friends standing there doing the same thing you are. Taking in the scene at your temporary home for the week.

day 318 November 14

Reasons for coming home.

day 317 November 13

We finally made our second appearance at Falmouth's best restaurant, The Glass Onion. Another fantastic meal was had. If you are with writing distance of the message and need a place to bring your favorite people for a real meal, this is your place.

day 316 November 12

When px has her little ears down it often means something. In the woods when she is required to "walk good" it means that she is concentrating. When you just arrive home it means she missed you and wonders where you have been.

day 315 November 11

e often says she has a big nose.

She doesn't

day 314 November 10

I am going to need to start compiling the 365 of phoenix images soon. I don't know why, someone should? This is the first time I have recorded this expression which leaves me hopeful that there is still new ground to cover.

day 313 November 9

(micro-news report by ben allsup for benshotme)

At the home of the Allszplat family on Cape Cod Massachusetts this fall has seen a change to couch blanket usage. Seen in this recent picture the gray couch blanket was formerly reserved for only guests using the guest facilities. The household decision to make this blanket a house blanket to be replaced when next guests are due is expected to be seen through.

day 312 November 8

Just before leaving for Cyprus I invented something major. Micro-news. I hope to begin reporting micro-news in the coming weeks and months. Stay tuned?

day 311 November 7

Beebee Woods has been damp and calm the last several days. I carry my camera there but generally there is nothing there a I want to shoot. That said out by the farm by ice house farm there is a tree that looks very Tolkien-esk that I could do hobbit portraits by. If only I did portraits and new a hobbit or two.

day 310 November 6

Time to get the blog all caught up again.... Things have been transpiring against the weekly update lately and now there are 3 weeks worth of catching up to do. Let there be blogs.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

day 309 November 5

Wiki also says Portrait photography is a popular commercial industry all over the world. Many of those words concern me,especially popular, industry and commercial.

day 308 November 4

Little px likes to lick her chops.

Monday, November 9, 2009

day 307 November 3

So the Wikipedia says about portraiture that the eyes are directed at the recorder/viewer. I guess this is not a family portrait.

day 306 November 2

This year was a phoenix photo every day... I am pretty settled on next year being a portrait everyday. I should probably go look up what portrait actually means.

day 305 November 1

The blog is a little behind, and I have had a bad night. Probably not the best night to try to catch it up (the blog). But on the bright side I need the typing practice. Toad the Wet Sprocket, there I typed it.

Monday, November 2, 2009

day 304 October 31

six trick or treaters, two frogs, one pumpkin, one gnome, one witch and one tiger princess. It was a banner year.

day 303 October 30

Sweetness check.. Check 100 percent sweet.

day 302 October 29

Poor Ms e lost one fourth of her wisdom.......teeth this day.

day 301 October 28

Anyone read here? Want to be in pictures?

day 300 October 27

three hundred days in a row... suddenly seems like a lot.

day 299 October 26

We really do not encourage this...she only gets busy like this on certain "spots".

day 298 October 25