Saturday, November 29, 2008

Turning Pointe

Yesterday erica and I had the pleasure of seeing our niece, a little mouse, and her fellow dancers from Turning Pointe Dance Studio perform the Sea Captains Nutcracker at the four C's theater. Being the day after Thanksgiving I was feeling a little lethargic and it was something of a mental struggle to actually get to the performance, despite it being at 3 oclock. Once there the pleasure of immersing myself in the fishing for shots soon made everything ok again.

The performance was interesting to behold as all level of performer was presented to the viewer and shooter. It was interesting to contrast the fluidity of the professionals with the enthusiasm and desire of the in-training students. What a reward it must be for these students to not only see the results of their practice put to the test, but to also see a demonstration of the results of true devotion to the craft, displayed by the professionals on hand. A hardy well done to Laura Faria the studios art director and all her performers, for a wonderful show!

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