Sunday, May 31, 2009

day 149 May 29

We are in trouble. With all our close friends breeding and us not, I had formed a scheme to buy us some time. It had worked we have bought ourselves a couple years. We told these "breeders" as we call them, as they fabricated these little people, that we would be unable to baby sit. That is, until these children were old enough to dial 911, and dial 911 appropriately we would add. Good thing we did as one kid has already dialed the authorities inappropriately. This rule we told them, was for our protection. Should we fall or choke or have some other misfortune happen we wanted to be watched after by children with a good head on their shoulders and quick dialing fingers. As you can see... clever little children of dialing age are now lingering closer. It is only a matter of time we are handed a phone wielding child.

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