Saturday, October 18, 2008

a year

This shot is placed firmly on the cover of the october edition of benshotme the magazine.. Now that we have been doing this a year. Somethings are easier others are still complex. It is still somewhat difficult, you feel a little guilty, asking 10 dollars for each one. I do not know why this is. They cost us that much to make and people do seem to enjoy them. Those that are paying the ten bucks seem to do so completely willingly. Yet I feel a little pang of self consciousness each time I receive a 10 and slide it into a pocket. Maybe this is why there are stores.... so the that manufacturers do not have to get their emotions tangled up in the sticky business of retail. That said I need to keep a single phrase in my mind... "hey, ten bucks, is ten bucks,"

If you want more details of this issue visit here.

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