Wednesday, October 8, 2008

not here, not now

So here I am again with another photo of the week and not really a lot to blog about it. The reporter in me will tell you that it is Spiritual Rez playing at the Cotouit Center for the Arts this past weekend. It's a shot of the week becuase, well, I just like the shot a lot. During the actual shooting I was more concerned about getting the frame in the frame than finding a moment. Look close, its in the lower left, its got a lion in it. I do not remember "deciding" the correct moment. I just remember thinking that I couldn't frame the frame the way I had hoped. So I gave up on this angle and didn't think much about this shot until I discovered it during the editing for public comsumtion process. What I found I liked was that I did capture a unique moment where these 6 of 7 band members were performing but none of them are interacting with each other or the audience. They are all off in their own little jam worlds, alone and yet together. And I have two visual regrets....the drummer is hidden by the guitarist and the top of his ax is cropped out.


Anonymous said...

great picture, I love Rez! Any chance we can see some of your others?

neb said...

all the other photos of rez are available for browsing at and visit the archives for october.

neb said...

oh and thanks!