Monday, September 22, 2008


I do not like them. You might ask yourself, if he does not like the feet, why would he choose to feature them so prominently in this, the current shot of the week? Well the answer is, so I could tell everyone the following:

I do not like feet.

If you are married to me and many of you are not, you already know that I find them ugly. You already know, I think they are a great stocking stuffer. You will also probably already realize that none of this is rational. Some people do not like Bill O'Reilly....some people do not like feet. I happen to not like both, but that's a different blog.


e.m.szuplat said...

i like feet (and not just because their mine). i hate socks.

e.m.szuplat said...

i mean, THEY'RE mine. jaysus