Saturday, September 27, 2008

Are you cool?

This week I visited the campus of Rutgers University and the RU cool room. They certainly are cool, I mean, you can get, at the very least, monitor envy in about one blink. They are also cool for the work they are doing monitoring the eastern seaboard (and world) with state of the art ocean sensing technology. But as usual this is not what I am here to blog about today, especially as they are cool enough to already be recording and publishing all sorts of stuff about all the cool stuff going on, check out the AUV Scarlett Knights glider page, for instance.

The real question left in my mind today, is of course, am I cool. Do we not all want to be cool? It seems to me we are we often stealing or borrowing the cool of others in the hopes of projecting ourselves as cool? My favorite phrase of the summer was certainly, "I'm so cool I make the Fonz look like Henry Winkler." Here I am borrowing it to appear much cooler than I really am. I did however fix a malfunctioning device by bumping my fist on a table this month... so maybe I am a little cool....

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