Thursday, August 28, 2008

The year we disappeared

Tears welling in his eyes would be one sign of the magnitude of this, a rare, visit to town. Tears welling in my eyes is another sign of the profound loss this family has suffered. When some grown bully from your hometown attempts to murder a police officer on his way to work and then the crime goes unresolved by his colleagues and the members of the community you love, what can you say to express your profound disappointment? Now that they are left with nothing else to hope for, in the unresolved- some might say intentionally neglected- case of attempted murder of a police officer, John Busby and his daughter Cylin, wrote a memoir about the event; their life defining event.

Last night myself and some 100 of our townsfolk came to pay our respects and express our shared disappointment, at the first of several book signings here in town. A local reporter was present and I am sure another article will appear in the local paper. The "mystery" "story" of the attempted murder is what will gather the hype of television shows like 48 hours. The local reports for years have detailed the primary suspect's other nefarious acts almost to sake of glorification.

The real story, to me, is how we, the folks from this family's hometown have let them down. They still love this town, as we do, but they can not live here because bullies are allowed- or more repulsively- assisted by town authorities in getting away with attempted murder and more recently murder. The most recent murder in our town, also associated with these bullies, occurred in 2005. The shooting of John Busby was in 1979. Neither crime has ever been brought to trial.

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