Saturday, August 23, 2008

party and stuff

We have decided to host a belated e birthday/end of/indian summa party in September. The idea had been thrown around between e and i for a while and it kind of gained some momentum after james, pictured here, got word of e's birthday and the hint of the word "party". As only james can do, the world was suddenly mobilized, we might be having the announcement of Barack's running mate at the party, the dead were coming back from the dead to play, the rivers would run with beer. It would be epic!

Well thats not what I am here to post about. I am more here to talk about the faces james makes while being photographed. He claims to hate having his picture taken, maybe because "they are all awful." Yet I wonder how this, his patented camera face, is helping? The irony of watching him now run around with his new camera in everyone else's face, for his job, well, it is the stuff you could write screenplays about.

I ask you to go to your nearest mirror and practice the "james camera grimace." This way if you come to our party, and james flashes his camera in your face......

Party details to come....or inquire today.

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that one guy said...

hmmm... oddly, I think the "pirate face" has become a signature now! Special announcement: Curt Cobain returns to play Erica's party, only performs songs by the late great John Denver!