Friday, August 1, 2008

Dear Debbie

Yesterday, we the family allszplat, visited a local softball game. At the game new friend Debbie said how much she liked the website and these shots. Debbie, I'm sorry I did not respond when you said this. I did hear you. I just feel so awkward when people say they like the work I am doing. You see the problem is, I like it too...I like it a lot, but for me to say that in conversation seems a tad conceited. It's somewhat hard to even write it.

I have gotten better at saying thank you when complimented, but a mere thank you also doesn't seem like enough either, so sometimes like yesterday nothing appropriate comes out. Thank you is what people say when you pick up their dropped keys. It does not seem like the appropriate response to the very fuel of ones passion. How do you appropriately acknowledge the very source of your inspiration, without misrepresenting your gratitude? Thank you Debbie- these shots are dedicated to you and the ones before you and hopefully the people to come who keep the desire to engage each other's passions alive.

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