Sunday, July 27, 2008


Lately the shots I have been taking have been a little bit more introspective. The first half of this year I was "putting myself out there" as they say. Engaging people with my photography and the idea of benshotme. Lately my shooting pace has subsided a little bit and my cavalier approach has subsided. I am less likely to whip out a copy of our latest magazine to share with a stranger. I'm less likely to approach that stranger who was in a nice looking shot at the drive-in. That good looking shot is also more likely to be of a stool. Part of this is just due to it being summer. There seems to be so much going on in summer there are few choices left for the free time. It also probably means that it is time for the benshotme experiment to refocus and determine exactly what it wants to be.

One of the biggest disappoints to the experiment so far has been that we were hoping for more people to want to participate. If your out there and reading this...I really want to shoot just about anything - I want your ideas for these web pages and the magazine. I do have an invitation to a softball game this week that I intend to shoot, but beyond that the ideas have not been coming from the readership.... join in today send a in topic to be covered!

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