Saturday, July 12, 2008

Juggling the time

So on Monday I would have posted about the wedding (see next post), but the championship game of my Dek hockey season needed to be played. We lost by one goal, for those of you who care about results. Tuesday the company I work for went from a small family owned multi-million dollar biz to a huge publicly traded multi billion dollar biz. You know your average Tuesday. Wednesday the wife and I had one of those epic fights that will be remembered forever, or at least what equals a fight for us. At the very least it put us at our jobs the next day with little under 3 hours of sleep. Thursday was just another day of softball and then dek hockey scrimmaging. It is at softball that I shot this picture of Geoff with way to many balls in the analogy for the week. And that brought us to Friday where the now made up wife and I went to see one of my favorite bands in New Hampshire, which is where on the way back from the previously mentioned wedding I started thinking about my desire to get a blog out this sorry about the essentially list blog, this one was more for me to chronicle this mildly epic week than for you. How is your summer?

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