Saturday, July 19, 2008

dog days of summer

It's here. At least for me. These are the days that it becomes so hot you do not want to move. Its miserable. But the heat, that's not what I am here to blog about. In my mind a while back I decided that if a shot was good enough to be the shot of the week over at then it had better be good enough for me to record it as such over here at the blog and say something about it as well. So this weeks shot is another of phoenix, our cute little cherub of a dog. Recently I decided 2009 would be the year of the phoenix. This year I have been shooting photographs every day some call these projects _____ 365. For me this year was just an exercise, no boundaries any photo any subject, just daily. Well next year I will begin phoenix 365 a shot of our dog every day.... I can't wait!!!!

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