Sunday, June 8, 2008

What a weekend!

This is what will be the first of three quickish posts covering a very full weekend. The weekend started with a trip to the Friend of Falmouth dogs or what many of us think of as "the pound". We had seen a picture of a pup in the local paper and figured we should go check her out for ourselves. We met Misha with phoenix and had hoped we would be uniting long lost pals. Misha started with a guarded attitude towards phoenix and warmed up some after sometime walking around. Now erica and I have a difficult choice of trying to decide if the time is right to invite a new member into our little pack.

If your pack needs some additional love and joy maybe you should venture down to your local shelter or visit and rescue someone looking for their own pal. There are lots of four footers who would love to set foot inside your home and find a place to curl up.

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