Saturday, June 14, 2008

Covering both sides of the street

Earlier today I shot some people rallying for peace at the local post office. The weather being pleasant there were a good number of people out. I overheard and then became part of an interesting exchange. A man passing angrily grumbled to the peace peeps,

"What! You think there are no terrorists in Guantanamo Bay?"

A peacer politely replied,

"No; I would love to see the terrorists there brought to trial."

As I was leaving the same gentleman, seeing me with my camera made eye contact and said, with a nod to the other group of people holding signs across from the post office,

"I hope you are covering both sides of the street?"

Here is the ridiculous part of the tale. I had also noticed the people across the street. But my terrorist hating new friend apparently had assumed his allegiance lay with the people with the U.S. flag across the street from the larger throng of peaceniks. Unfortunately for him he was not observant enough to see that they too were holding "peace" and "Close Guantanamo Bay" signage. I tried to tell him.

"It looks to me like they are looking for peace on both sides of the street."

He walked away grumbling saying I was mistaken....and that I should look closer. Well I am here to report that a peace sign is a peace sign even if it is found with an American flag.

Pictured here is Joe who choose the more solitary position at the top of the village green. My terrorist hating friend surely read his sign to say:

war is immortal

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