Saturday, May 24, 2008

Why benshotme

Last summer kay, erica's (wy wife) sister invited me to take pictures daily as part of a collection of people sharing in the same endeavor. I did not accept the offer at the time but the the idea was sparked in my mind. Could I sustain taking photos everyday? Could I take shots I liked daily?

So quietly, on my own, with a point and shoot 5 mega pixel Nikon S2 I started slowly and persistently shooting more and more often. In a former life I was a photographer and I want to tread back into this carefully. It was not long before my passion for the art and field was rekindled, soon I wanted to also share the photos I was taking. It was in the fall that while driving on the highway, in a flash of inspiration, the website name was in my mind, benshotme! I could hardly wait, when I got home I checked and the domain was available. Soon I was designing and plotting for my new website.

Early on I missed some days here and there. Even today I have less "inspired" days from time to time. But two new cameras later, here we are in on May 24th and I have shot something everyday so far this year. Not bad, and getting better.

The fun of the website soon also gave birth to the idea of a print edition of the best of the images being published to the web. A magazine. We are presently putting together the material for July's our third edition.

That brings us to today and this blog. While there are stories in the magazine and photos at benshotme, here you will find some of the stuff that goes on behind the scenes. For instance in the coming weeks I will probably share the story of being called a paparazzi, or maybe how I didn't shoot Jerry Springer that same week or maybe how the yellow hoodied bear of a man down Cape threatened to snap my lens if I took his photo.

It is here also that I ask you to come and interact. If you have comments or want to know about an image, ask and I will share here. If you have a suggestion of something that you want to see recorded at benshotme let me know.

Cheers and happy shooting.

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