Saturday, May 31, 2008

Enormous D

Last night erica and I had the pleasure of meeting and then seeing two performances by Don McCloskey, sometimes known as Enormous D. The shows at Sweet Tomatoes East Falmouth and BBC Hyannis were as e and I say "good times". I personally was charmed by the Don's unflappable nature, as he was not phased when a kidlet, the 5 year old Bella, from the audience jumped the stage to to perform I'm a little tea pot. He was heckled into performing a capella and seamlessly delivered a crowd pleasing We are the world. In the significantly busier Hyannis show he joined headliners Apex Groove and picked it up a notch delivering 3 songs with energy, showmanship and a stage presence not normally seen in these parts. On the personal side we were able to share some drink, stories and a couple of laughs. We left promising to see him again as he has several shows around the Cape this summer. It is not often I throw out guarantees, but if you want to see a good show, put on by someone who has put in the time and learned the ropes and then taken these tools and molded his own identity, get out there and see the D when he is near you this summer. Good times.

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