Saturday, January 23, 2010

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I took a little time off from the blog here... everyday blogging is a lot, but that is not what I am here to blog about. Last night e and I were fortunate to attend the sold out (free tickets?) talk by Christo down in the hole. During the question and answer part he was asked how does he respond to the question of "Why?" does he want to do the projects he does. His answer to the question of why? There is no reason! Just because he wants to, because he thinks it will be fun. He wants to see the result, live the process. It is meaninglessness he says and yet it is so much his everything. E and I discussed the results of his work and neither of us would characterize the results as something we love, but after his revealing the process I can say I am now a huge fan of his process, work and personalty. And therefor now a fan of the results as well.


Taylor said...

Lovely photos :) The little slideshow in the corner is really nice!

neb said...

thanks taylor....the little slide show is my most recent "daily" work...which usually gets updated weekly.