Sunday, June 14, 2009

week 24 day 159 shot of the week

Todays list of ben shot me topics and issues to address:
Change the slide show format
tweak the www pages
edit the www news
thank the members of the facebook group
plot for issue 7
upload yesterdays images
shoot today's phoenix 365
more haiku's for the portrait project
reach out for more portrait subjects
better define the portrait series in writing

Oh right!& this blog - sorry I got off track there -

I used to know a guy who claimed he and his brother were terrorized by a neighborhood bully. The bully would get the two kids cowering, sitting cross-legged in their front yards. The boys would just tremble, waiting for whatever evil the bully would decide was their fate. All that the bully would utter to create this scene as he pedaled up the street, past the aluminum chain-link fencing was, "INJUN STYLE!" Bullying is not funny- I was bullied- every year children are severely emotionally scarred by bullying. That said, this bully created great humor for his grown subject whom I believe used this same cry of "INJUN STYLE!" to represent his ability to overcome fear.

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