Sunday, June 14, 2009

day 159 June 8

On a whim and mostly to see how difficult they are to create, I started a facebook group for ben shot me last weekend. I had not even mentioned it to erica - that I was even thinking of it. To my amazement, before she came downstairs and less than 30 minutes after creating it, the group had a handful of members. erica had sent invitations to our closest folks and they were joining! I have now also invited a handful of my friends and acquaintances and here, a week later, there are over 80 members to the group. Thank you so much to those who have joined. Especially, to my complete amazement, thank you to the group members whom I hardly know or have not even met!!!

For fun, I immediately started an exclusive facebook ben shot me group photo contest. Enter today if you would like to win a free burrito!! Who doesn't want a free burrito!? As a group member, I hope to keep you entertained, up on the ben shot me news and equally- we hope to occasionally inspire, while not being boring, preachy or snotty! At the very least we will keep a light on for you.

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