Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Daze of holidays

The shooting has slowed a little lately. There are a number of factors, dark early, the first winter sickness. But mainly after shooting so, so much in Italy; complete immersion in new surroundings was inspirational. Being back at the old haunting grounds and at the day job, well frankly, not as inspirational.

That said e and I have been working on a little theme lately with some invites and cards ect. So we decided to continue and I now present this years end of year holiday card. The goal is to be slightly surreal and perhaps have people think its a photoshopped image. The secret revealed first here is no photoshop... this is the straight image. We predict this will also probably be slightly better recieved than our plan b, which was to have the dog in a manger scene.


Susan said...

That is completely awesome.

Anonymous said...

so then the acual card is really rather large....and Phoenix was rather cooperative