Tuesday, September 2, 2008


The internet version of benshotme turns one year old this month. This is one of the first bsm images, as it was shot with the first of two new digital camera's, the purchase of which was inspired by my desire to make new photographic discoveries. I landed this image when the camera was just hours old (to me). I had decided to (finally) "go digital" and it has been a personal revelation. Being from Cape Cod I have a new analogy for my approach to photography, for me, its like fishing. I will head out of the house to the water (any place that reflects light), and start casting (pushing the shutter button), sometimes there are keepers (these are the images you see here), sometimes the big one gets away (damn the fleeting moment that is poorly exposed) and sometimes you come home empty handed (but feeling good for the effort). The other fishing analogy is that I do not really enjoy the post processing of images, you know film and print processing, we will call this the gutting and cooking. I had not been shooting much mostly because I found the gutting (darkroom) and cooking (framing, matting, presentation) too time consuming and the stink (chemicals) often gave me headaches (that can't be good). So here we are a year later and I'm still very much enjoying trying to get that next digital byte!

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