Wednesday, June 25, 2008

a portfolio

About 10 months ago I decided I would like to be a photographer again. This time I wanted to do it on my terms. When I did so, I joined the digital age permanently. I acquired some gear. I shot with wild abandonment again, like I did as a younger photographer. Today I am proud to say I put together a portfolio of my work from mostly these 10 months. I am fairly pleased. The first pass has 175 images in 8 categories. I am tempted to add more when I should probably be editing.

I still wonder what the "real" photographers out there make of my stuff. If you happen to be one please, I would love feed back. As a matter of fact I would take feedback from anyone of a constructive nature. What is working for you. What doesn't work for you. Do you care?

For those of you who have been viewing along the way, thanks for visiting! And for the true fans, the july edition of ben shot me the magazine is nearly in the can and will be going to press soon!

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